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Bookkeeping Process

Remote Access Bookkeeping


1. Sending us your source documents - You can send us your source documents through four ways. You can scan the documents and upload it to a secure server or e-mail the documents to our mail box. You can also fax it to our toll free fax or place it in your computer, so that we can access it remotely.

2. Connecting securely to your computer through internet- In the second stage, we will connect to your computer by using a remote desktop access service, such as, Secure VPN.

3. Updating the books and logging out - We will update your books during the night, so when you come to office the next morning, you will find the updated books on your computer!

Application Service providers

1. Sending us your source documents- You can send us the source documents by scanning the documents and uploading it to our server or by faxing them to our toll free fax number.

2. Updating your books- we will update your books by logging in to the Online Accounting Software which you use, for example, and update the books.

3. Updated books- You can login to the online accounting software, at anytime to see the updated books.