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Sales Invoicing

Sales Invoicing

In case Sales Invoices are not automatically added to your Accounting Software, we can enter this information to your Financial Software which will allow you to monitor and maintain your Sales Control Ledger

Details - Outsourcing Sales Invoicing to Yantram Accounting Bookkeeping

We cover the entire activity of Outsourcing Sales Invoice processing of Accounting Bookkeeping Services. In case new customers and suppliers are added, new accounts will be created for them and new codes assigned to them as per your organizations policy. The invoices will be entered into there respective accounts. This will enable us to maintain, on your behalf, individual accounts in order to keep a track of invoice transactions and balances pertaining to that account.

A fast and efficient method to control and access amounts receivable and payable. At the same time, the nominal ledger will be updated to show current sales achieved together with the range and amount of expenditure incurred.

Working Processes That Ensure Quality For Outsourcing Sales Invoicing with our Bookkeepers

Information Collection

Data Processing - Software

Information  Capture

Output  Delivery

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